Gas Storage Facility

March 2018

Nevada Union High School Baseball Scoreboard

May 2017

Rutland Well N39

December 2016

Zone 1 Well Upgrade & Expansion Project

October 2016

Discovery Bay Pump Station G Rehabilitation

April 2016

McLaughlin Reserve Improvements, Rebid Electrical Service Modifications

March 2016

Brunswick Road & Loma Rica Drive Intersection Improvements

October 2015

CalTrans Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructures

September 2015

Elk Grove Water District SCADA Improvement Project

July 2015

Donner Memorial State Park Lighting Upgrade

June 2015

Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations Rebuild

June 2015

Railroad Avenue Lift Station

December 2014

Discovery Bay Pump Station F Rehabilitation

October 2014

Antioch Cambridge Booster Pump Station

July 2014

Sacramento Sump 80 & 143

July 2014

UC Davis Neuroscience Building Emergency Power Upgrade

December 2013

Frazier Sand House 07-4T3504

October 2013

Construct New Fish Hatchery Building

May 2013

Well 15 Pump Station

March 2013

Wells 4D-11D Upgrade

March 2013

Construct Sand House at Tahoe City Maintenance Yard

December 2012

North Market Force Main Extension & Auditorium Drive Lift Station Replacement

December 2012

Sierra College-Nevada County Campus N2-N12 Site Lighting

November 2012

MaQuarrie Hall Emergency Generator & Fire Pump Installation

September 2012

4 Metal Canopies Installation

March 2012

Mather AASF Fuel Farm Electrical Upgrade

January 2012

Secline Pump Station Rehabilitation

November 2011

Sand House at Castle Peak

November 2011

County of Sierra

September 2011

Flashing Beacons & Modify Signals

August 2011

Loomis Downtown Park

June 2011

Radio Communications Room Electrical Project

June 2011

IT Satellite Dish Foundation Construction

June 2011

Annual Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement

June 2011

California Medical Facility Vacaville Transformer and Switchgear Install

June 2011

Foresthill Transfer Station Tipping Wall Repair

April 2011

San Juan Water Treatment Plant Filter Repair

April 2011

Memorial Park Accessibility Improvements

November 2010

Communications Tower Install in Knights Landing

November 2010

Flashing Beacons and Signs Installation

October 2010

Camino Sand Storage Facility

September 2010

Fire Station 91 Parking Lot Repair

August 2010

ACCO Office Renovation and Expansion – 9290 Beatty Drive, Sacramento, CA

August 2010

Magnolia Sports Complex

August 2010

Building 1000 Hydronic Piping Re-anchoring at Yuba College

August 2010

Flow Meter Installation

June 2010

Courtyard Electrical Services Upgrade

January 2010

Furnish & Construct 100,000 Gallon Potable Water Tank

November 2009

McCourtney Road Transfer Station Metals Floor Replacement

October 2009

Placer County Auburn Historic Courthouse Entrance Paving

October 2009

McCourtney Road Transfer Station Household Hazardous Waste

August 2009

Emergency Back-up Generator

July 2009

Marysville Campus Fuel Tank Removal

April 2009

HVAC Upgrade, Building #12

November 2008

“F “ Street Garage Project #40219

October 2008

Sacramento Metal Health

September 2008

Sheriffs Boat Barn

July 2008

Security Gate Upgrades

July 2008

Nevada County Sheriff’s Property Unit Garage

March 2008

Nevada County Radar Signs

March 2008

Sacramento Metal Health

March 2008

Sacramento DOT

March 2008

Raising of House for New Foundation

December 2007

Septic System and Grading – Nevada County

November 2007

Hanger at Nevada County Airport

October 2007

Olympus Village Sewer Lift Station Upgrade

September 2007

Nevada County Manhole Repair

February 2007

Glide Ave Storm Drain Improvement Project

September 2005

Donner Lake Pipelines

July 2005

AWOS lll Installation

June 2005

The Salvation Army Camp Del Oro – Nevada City

November 2004

Jayhawk Pump Station Replacement

July 2004

Community Development Block Grant

July 2004

New Maintenance and Administration Facility for Durham Transportation and School Services

July 2004

Nevada County Airport Hanger Project

January 2004

Lake Wildwood Sludge Bed Dewatering Upgrade

April 2003

Washington Above Ground Pipeline

May 2002

Hwy 267 Relocation of Utilities

June 1999

Scotts Flat Reservoir Snow Mountain Campground Improvements #2

June 1998

Scotts Flat Reservoir Boating & Fishing Access Improvements

June 1998

Airco Mechanical Inc.

June 1998

New Sewer line Install

June 1998